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The following materials can be used when either promoting Greg Stuart at your event or as introduction of Greg at your event.
Greg Stuart Bio(100 words)
Greg Stuart is global CEO of Mobile Marketing Association and former CEO of IAB, where he led the digital media industry from $6B to $17B annually. His book, What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds, was ranked #1 in Ad Age’s 2006 Book of Tens.

Greg works with venture capitalists and serves on the boards of various digital media companies. Seven of his companies exited for over $1.6 billion in the last six years. He has 20+ years in Internet startups and traditional advertising, mostly in NYC and San Francisco. He resides in Bridgehampton, NY.

Greg Stuart Bio(under 400 words)
Greg Stuart is the current global CEO of Mobile Marketing Association, a nonprofit trade group with 700+ members in over 49 countries. He has grown MMA 2.5x in 2.5 years, and customers include Google, Weather Company, Coke and Colgate. Greg has 25+ years in startups and traditional marketing companies, mostly in NYC and San Francisco.

Greg is a recognized thought leader in digital media and marketing and was selected by Ad Age as one of “10 Who Made Their Mark” in 2006, alongside Jay-Z and Chad Hurley. That same year, Ad Age also identified his book, What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds, as the #1 book in its Book of Tens.

As former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a trade group for the interactive advertising industry serving AOL, CNET, Google, Disney, Yahoo! and others, Greg led the industry from $6 billion to $17 billion annually while growing IAB’s revenues +500% in four years.

Greg has also been an active angel investor and advisor to 15+ venture-backed businesses in the digital media technology space, with exits to date of $1.6B and a 1600% return. He’s primarily served as GM, CEO, head of ad sales and business development, plus more.

Greg currently serves on the board of Livingly Media, backed by Menlo Ventures. He also served on the boards of Rapt, Inc., in San Francisco (sold to Microsoft) and Allyes in Shanghai (sold to Focus Media).

As a member of the National Speakers Association, he often speaks on the failings and opportunities of advertising around the world, including speaking engagements in Istanbul, Israel, Germany, Canada, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Switzerland, Zurich, Shanghai, Sydney, Barcelona, Monaco and Tokyo.

Greg has a BA in economics from the University of Washington and completed Wharton’s intense Advanced Management Program. He resides in Bridgehampton, NY, with his wife, Pamela, and his twin daughters and son.


Greg Stuart–Speaker Introduction
When introducing Greg Stuart, you can use the following intro (check with Greg if this should be updated or tailored for your event):

I want to thank Greg Stuart for joining us today. He is currently global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association and was previously CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the U.S.

In addition to nearly 20 years in digital media and advertising, Greg spent the first 10 years of his career in various New York ad agencies, where he always had a nagging feeling in his gut that the campaigns and his recommendations might be wrong. As a result of that, he coauthored the book, What Sticks, which Ad Age listed as the #1 book in its 2006 Book of Tens. Insights from the book, which he’ll share with you today, were based on research against $1 billion in ad spending. As for that nagging feeling, it turns out he was right. HE WAS WRONG!

Join me in THANKING Greg today…

Possible questions to kick off a post-presentation Q&A
  • What has been the marketers’ internal company reaction to these studies?
  • Why do (or why don’t) the results here apply to other ad markets?
  • What do the marketers think about your releasing all this data?
  • What is the most surprising finding to you, personally?
  • Does what you’re saying—and the book—apply to small ad budgets or just big ones?
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